Sandall's History of 5th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment

This project created a digital edition of T.E. Sandall's history of 1/5th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment in the First World War. The book was first published in 1922 and is now out of copyright. The first digital edition was published in 2008 and an updated version was published in February 2012, now including the final chapter by G.H. Teall on the post-war reconstitution of the battalion, which came out of copyright in 2010.

The digital edition can be viewed as HTML here.

The text of Sandall's book was OCRd using Abby Finereader and encoded as TEI P5 XML using oXygen XML editor. New indexes of people and places were constructed, and can be viewed and searched using the Exhibit API. The index of places is also linked to a map using the Google Maps API.

The XML and HTML source code and page image files are freely available in the following ZIP files:

These contain readme files listing and explaining the contents. TEI encoding and editorial decisions are fully documented in the TEI header in the main XML file. All text and source code are in the public domain.

Thanks to Steve Bramley, Chris Bailey, Steven Broomfield, Siege Gunner and Greenwoodman for supplying useful information that helped with record linkage.